Stress. Sucks.

I don’t care whether you’re a high school freshman or a 60 year-old on the brink of retirement, stress still gets to you.

Let me tell you, I have ransacked the internet one too many times in search of remedies of my lifestyle-cramping stress. There are many suggestions including, but not limited to, clearing your mind, meditation, and yoga. While that is all fine and good, and may in fact work for some, I always seem to have a difficult time letting go of what is bogging me down to truly enjoy those activities.

SO, here is some advice from a college student that many would laugh at, considering that in the life stage I currently reside in, I do not have any “serious” responsibilities. (HA).

ONE: Candles, candles, candles, and MORE candles. I cannot stress enough how comforting it is to have your favorite scent envelop you while you’re curled up under a comfy blanket. Also, the nice thing about candles is you can buy them from pretty much anywhere and they greatly range in price, so you are able to find the perfect ones, no matter your budget. (extra bonus: turn off your lights and have the natural light from the candles create an ambiance.)

  • Scents that are my favs rn: White Gardenia, Pink Sands, and Bahama Breeze – all by      Yankee Candle, DUH

TWO: This may be seemingly obvious, considering how much of an impact that music has on a person’s life, BUT grab your computer, or phone and pull up your favorite music streaming service. Either take the lazy way (I do) and search for a relaxation playlist or simply create your own. Now, here’s the important part. This is not a time to hype yourself up and throw on the Drake soundtrack (sorry, still love you drake <3). Select a set of songs that allow you to let go, and tune out whatever is weighing you down. Sit there and close your eyes. Trust me, it helps.

  • Suggested Spotify playlists: “Relax & Unwind” / “Relaxing Classical” oh, and any song by Corey Harper

THREE: I will be the first to admit, I love coffee. Obviously, for the sake of trying to UNWIND, let me highly recommend ditching the caffeine and swapping it out for a calming tea. Personally, I love mint tea and the flavor acts as a trigger to where every time I drink it my brain weirdly takes me into relaxation mode?? Warm tea + Candles + Music = HEAVEN. (pro tip: hang up some twinkly lights and lemme tell ya, it feels like you’re in the most cozy room in the world).

  • My go-to tea brands: Tazo, Yogi Tea, and Mighty Leaf Tea —- I’ll leave it up to you about the flavors, personal preference, you know?

FOUR: Last, but certainly not least, take three long and slow deep breaths. If you are to take any of my advice it should be this. My mom has been telling me my entire life that whenever I am stressed/upset, take three deep breaths and you will feel better. This technique has never let me down. It even helps when I can’t stop obsessing over a big presentation or an interview. This works in pretty much any situation where you feel it is necessary. Whether you have 10 seconds, or 10 minutes take the breaths.

  • If you really wanna do it right and be an expert deep breath taker (is that even a thing?) here’s a link on how to deep breathe properly, you’re welcome.