Dear upstairs neighbors,

I am usually an understanding person,

But it seems as though your noise level continues to worsen.

I am concerned at the state of your heeled shoes,

As the amount of clomping and stomping you do surely has them singing the blues.

I am impressed at your ability to stay up talking into the midnight hours,

However, it would be appreciated if you would quiet your voice in shared space, like ours.

I am aware going up the stairs can be quite the daunting task,

But the echo my walls feel make it seem like you are under attack.

I am not usually the one to bring up any annoyances I may feel,

Buy hey, let me propose a deal.

I am willing to remain friendly and inviting,

If you promise to cut down the noise that makes it sound like you are always kung-fu fighting.

—– Lindsey & the other roommates of unit 6